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Mrs. Burk

Week of Oct 16-20
Quarter 1/Week 10 (Last week of 1st Quarter)

This is the last week of first quarter! Wow, is this year flying by! This week, students in 5th grade choir will be discussing performance expectations and etiquette as we prepare for our Veteran’s Day Assembly performance and for the Winter Choir Concert. Students will have a mock performance in class to practice and be evaluated on watching the conductor, maintaining appropriate posture, using correct mouth shapes for choral vowels, and transitioning between songs. Students will complete a self-evaluation and will also receive feedback and a grade from me.

Below this post are a couple of documents for your convenience. The 17-18 Choir Handbook will be distributed in class, but is also available here. It includes our calendar of events for the year and also information about how you’re graded in choir.

-Mrs. Burk