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Visual Arts

ART CLUB: November 18th

This week, Art Club will meet on Friday, November 18th.

[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-exclamation” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#aa0000″ title=”ART IN THE PARK!”]Art in the Park was held on Saturday, April 23rd at Richland in the B-Gym. Please check out our video above if you missed it. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event![/bsf-info-box]

Program Overview

1st Grade

Design Element # 1: COLOR

  • Students in first grade will use the design elements of color in several different ways.

Color Can:

  • Show the true color of an object
  • express emotion
  • create a mood or feeling

2nd Grade

Design Element # 2: SHAPE

  • When second graders draw in a continuous line to form an enclosed area, they have created a shape.

Shape has two dimensions (on paper):

  • Height
  • Width

Shape has three dimensions (sculpture):

  • Mass

3rd Grade

Design Element # 3: LINE

  • Third graders will discover the five main types of lines and learn how to use them to create different effects in their artwork. They can use them to show feelings, ideas, and movement.

Lines can be:

  • Thick/Thin
  • Light/Dark
  • Straight/Curvy
  • Jagged/Broken

4th Grade

Design Element #4: TEXTURE

  • Texture is the element of art that creates the look and feel of an object’s outside surface.
  • Fourth graders will experience texture with their sense of touch, but also with their sense of sight.

Texture in artwork can be:

  • Real
  • Implied

5th Grade

Design Element #5: VALUE

  • Fifth graders will discover areas of light and dark values to make things look real.

Texture in artwork can be:

  • Contrasting
  • Tint
  • Shade
  • Blending

6th Grade

Design Element #6: FORM

  • Form is the element of art that describes a shape with three dimensions- height, width, and depth.

7th Grade


  • Students will learn that the area all around an project is the art element of space.
  • Seventh graders will use space to organize their works through a wide variety of techniques.

8th Grade

The Seven elements of art design:

  • In their final year at Richland, eight graders will utilize the skills they have perfected from studying all of the seven elements of art to create many different types of art. Knowing how to apply these concepts will help the students achieve certain affects in their artwork. Students will view examples of art by famous artists from different styles and periods of art history through biographies, books, notes, examining artworks and studio lessons. Eighth graders will learn how artists have used these elements over the centuries.

The 7 Elements of Art:

  • Line, Color, Form, Shape, Space, Value and Texture

Richland Art Club

  • Art club is a way for junior high students wo are inspired by the arts to express their ideas, build their skills, and explore different art mediums. Art club will concentrate on multicultural art from diverse countries.
  • Based on dedication and behavior, 5th to 8th graders will be invited to participate in weekly art club.
  • Each quarter, a different grade level will be invited to art club:
    • 1st Quarter: 5th Grade
    • 2nd Quarter: 6th Grade
    • 3rd Quarter: 7th Grade
    • 4th Quarter: 8th Grade
  • Information will be provided after Labor Day Weekend

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